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...when you have a baby with a sociopath - part 2

Having learned of Voldemort's affair, I felt justified in seeking attention elsewhere. I turned to Ross—the only guy other than Voldemort, and the only person from the group that I still saw regularly. I seduced him, and soon developed feelings.
He sat down next to me, and I practically melted into the couch. I could scarcely breathe let alone move, but somehow managed to let my hand inch closer to his. If I looked at him, I’d give it away—he’d read it all over my face. So instead I looked straight ahead, knowing I couldn’t possibly pay attention to anything that was happening in front of me. From what I could see, using only peripherals, it seemed as if his hand was getting closer; but he moved it in such a way that made me think it was all in my head. He’s not moving his hand closer to mine, I’m moving mine closer to his, and the second I get too close, he’ll pull away. I knew this but still could not stop my hand. My fingers slowly extended from under my palm, bridging the …

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